9 cyclists you need to follow on Strava

50 million athletes, 6 million in the UK. We do like Strava, don’t we?  Since 2010, the fitness app has quickly grown into the largest online community of riders, runners, swimmers, hikers, skiers and walkers. So much so, that the 3 billionth activity was uploaded to the site in 2020 – wowzers!

Much like social media platforms, Strava has given us mere mortals insight into some of the planet’s finest athletes – indeed, there are over 1000 professional athletes on the platform. So, other than your ride partner, your club mates or your work pal who should be following?

Our list ranges from grand tour winners to Strava legends and everything in between. Get these guys and girls on your feed, you won’t regret it!

Egan Bernal

You won’t find Bernal’s racing data on Strava, just some extraordinary training rides in his native Columbia. It’s not unusual for the Team Ineos rider to climb over 20,000ft on a ride and perhaps even more incredibly, his average speed is usually around 19mph!

Pretty stellar considering he’s riding at over 2000 metres above sea level. Well, he is a Tour de France and Giro d'Italia winner after all. After his devasting crash in early 2022, we're looking forward to keeping an eye on Bernal as he begins riding again.

Follow Egan Bernal

Laurens Ten Dam

Likely to be Strava’s most-followed user, Dutch rider Laurens Ten Dam has been a regular uploader to the platform since its early days. Join his other 113,000 followers and you’ll be treated to flat as a pancake spins in his native Holland, huge rides stateside as well as the odd Zwift session.

Having recently retired as a professional road rider, Ten Dam is a feature in the burgeoning gravel racing scene and judging from his recently released programme, he’s going to be putting in some big training rides! Follow him and see how he gets on!

Follow Laurens Ten Dam

Alison Tetrick

Speaking of gravel, our next rider is self-proclaimed off-road queen Alison Tetrick. At the time of writing, she’s already clocked over 4000 miles in 2022 and looks certain to add to her haul of over 2000 QOMs.

Tetrick, who won the Dirty Kanza (now called UnBound) in 2017 mainly logs rides from her Californian base of Petaluma. If the weather in her pictures won’t make you green with envy, the scenery certainly will. Blue skies, rolling roads and sandy beaches anyone?

Follow Alison Tetrick

DC Rainmaker

Fitness tech review supremo, Ray Maker (of dcrainmaker.com fame) is the fourth athlete on our list. Originally from Seattle, he logs runs and rides mainly from his European home of Amsterdam.

If you’re a fan of his site (and maybe even if you’re not) you’ll spot that many of his activities test the latest device he’s been sent. And if you’re a Zwift fiend, check out his picture feed where you’ll find some incredible turbo setups.

Follow DC Rainmaker

Jered Gruber and Ashley Gruber

Speaking of pictures, next up in our rundown is cycling photographer duo Jered and Ashley Gruber. Follow them for some riding motivation, stay for their pictures.

Husband and wife, the Grubers spend much of their year following the professional road peloton from cobble to col, taking some of the most outstanding stills as they go. And when they’re not snapping, they’re spinning – riding some of the most beautiful roads (and trails) the world has to offer.

Follow Jered Gruber

Follow Ashley Gruber

Phil Gaimon

It’s fair to say that cookie crazed American Phil Gaimon is a must follow on Strava. The ex-professional road rider turned KOM hunter whiles away his days with monstrous hilly rides in all corners of the globe.

Some of his most interesting activities are his attempts on segments which he uploads in conjunction with a YouTube edit. A recent trip to Colombia delivered Gaimon yet another KOM – the Patios climb, a 3.67-mile challenge at 7%. Averaging 170bpm per minute, 374 watts and a shade over 14mph Gaimon snatched the KOM from the previous incumbent by over 20 seconds. Has that made you ready for another hill session?

Follow Phil Gaimon

Mark Beaumont

In the world of endurance cycling, the name Mark Beaumont is held in the highest regard. Having originally broke the world record for a circumnavigation of the world by bike in 2008, Beaumont took on the challenge again in 2017 lowering the record to a mind-boggling 79 days. It’s well worth scrolling back through Beaumont’s activity archive to look at his record-breaking effort. 240 miles a day anyone?

These days, Beaumont can be found riding and running in his native Scotland, although we're sure another epic ride is probably on the cards!

Follow Mark Beaumont

Lizzy Banks

Another UK resident on our list is professional road rider, Lizzy Banks. From her base in Sheffield, she racks up a dizzying number of miles in the Peak District, lapping up the best and worse (hills) the area has to offer.

However, Banks - who rides for the EF Education-TIBCO-SVB team – is rarely in the UK thanks to her racing commitments. Follow her and you’ll get an insight into what it’s like to race at the highest level.

Follow Lizzy Banks

Ian Boswell

The last rider in our list is American Ian Boswell. Boswell’s story was much like any other aspiring racer. Early promise, a breakthrough season followed by a contract from one of the world’s best teams. But that’s where the story came to an end.

After a series of complicated concussions in 2018 and 2019, Boswell has switched his focus to gravel racing and judging from his Strava account he’s been putting plenty of base miles ahead of his 2020 challenges.

Follow Ian Boswell

Why Isadore clothing deserves your attention

Peñafiel, central Spain. September 15th, Stage 17 of the 2010 Vuelta Espana - the sole individual time trial of the race - is nearing its conclusion. Slovakian Peter Velits sits in the hot seat nervously waiting for the final five riders to finish. Earlier, he'd ridden the 46km route at a blistering average of 52km/h to record the fastest time, in the process beating hot favourite and TT world champion Fabian Cancellara. As the final riders, including Frank Schleck, Vincenzo Nibali and Joaquim Rodriguez arrive, Peter knows he's won a stage of the Vuelta, the first Slovakian ever to do so.

Fast forward to the present day, and Peter's performances (and worries) are of a different kind. Fabric wear, recycled polymers, chamois performance, biodegradable mailers and size runs are the order of the day. Peter is working alongside his twin Martin, as they did when riding for the same cycling teams from 2004-2013. Isadore, founded in 2013, has amassed a smidge over 150 different clothing lines and a devoted following across Europe and beyond. And so with a small selection available at Always Riding, we'd like to offer up some reasons why Isadore deserves your attention...

Isadore was founded by former riders (and twins) Martin and Peter Velits 

Before Peter Sagan's antics graced the WorldTour, Slovakian twins Martin and Peter Velits succeeded in reaching the highest echelons of a sport in which their country and little or no history. With the same determination they used to perform at the top of the sport, the Velits' have hewn Isadore into a progressive, innovative clothing company. It was even founded, when they were still riding at the top level of the sport.

Isadore Signature cycling jersey

After tens of thousands of kilometres on the bike, you'd imagine Martin and Peter know a thing or three about jerseys, bibs, socks and accessories. Indeed, Martin in his role as head of product is very closely involved with each garment that hits production. And what of that 2010 Vuelta? Well, Peter went on to secure a podium finish, another Slovakian first. He also wore the leader's red jersey for Stage 2 of the 2015 edition after he and his BMC teammates won the opening team time trial.

99% of Isadore cycling clothing is manufactured in the EU

Aha now here's something. Whilst some clothing manufacturers talk the talk, Isadore walks the walk. From day one, Isadore committed to local production and today, 59% of their products roll away from the sewing machines in Slovakia. It's so local that the factory Isadore work alongside is on the same street as their Puchov HQ. Other Isadore cycling clothing is produced in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal and Italy - a very small number of products are manufactured in the USA.

Isadore product creation

The production of popular Isadore products can be traced from raw material to finished product

On key products, like the Urban Reversible Jacket, Isadore has committed to telling us where our clothing comes from. From material origin to the country that mills those materials and finally the country of manufacture - it's all detailed for everyone to see. On the face of it, this might seem like something to bore riding friends with, but it's a small step that delivers accountability in what can be an unsustainable, polluting industry.

Isadore urban reversible jacket

Using Biodegradable bags

Isadore has never used plastic to package their products and since 2020 they've replaced a paper option with a fully biodegradable bag. At Always Riding we use recyclable mailers (not biodegradable) so Isadore should reach your door or desk with minimal impact. Of course, the shipping of products still attracts a CO2 impact, so together with partners, Isadore is looking for new and effective ways to reduce its CO2 footprint.

Treasure every garment. Isadore offer wear and tear or crash replacement service

Since their inception, Isadore has offered a wear and tear or crash replacement service. Hit them up via email and if a garment is fixable they'll do so free of charge. If the seam is busted, the hole too big or the fabric well and truly worn through, Isadore will offer a 50% discount on an exact replacement. You can find out more about this service on Isadore's website.

Isadore clothing factory

Isadore gravel bibshorts have material that shouldn't rip in the event of a fall

Ride gravel in whatever garb you wish, but its faster-than-MTB-but-still-crash-potential vibe does pose a few apparel problems. Enter the Isadore Gravel Bib Shorts with their ceramic coating on the thighs. The coating is made by Swiss bods Schoeller and gives the primary fabric extreme durability and abrasion resistance. The really sweet thing? It doesn't impact the comfort, breathability or care of the existing fabric. The honeycomb pattern looks tasty too, no?

Isadore gravel bib shorts

From the peloton and w/Kg to unpuckered fabrics and recycled polymers, that was six reasons to give Isadore a go. For more on the subject of sustainability, have a listen to the recent Rouleur tech podcast in which founders Martin and Peter talk at length about the business.  Shop all Isadore clothing here.

Rainspotting Watch Party

The chaps at Pannier and Brother Cycles spent some time cycling across the Scottish Highlands earlier this year and the result was this film: Rainspotting. It was originally due to be shown at various venues around the UK so as this is no longer possible they've gone for a Watch Party instead. Not sure what one of those is? Read on to find out everything you need to know...


An 84-hour bikepacking ramble through Scotland’s gloomy Grampians…

In light of all their film screening & talk cancellations, Pannier.cc & Brother Cycles are to release their new bikepacking film - Rainspotting - via “Watch Party” at 19.30GMT Wednesday 25th March 2020.

 And, they'd like as many of you to join as possible...

Watch party [n.]
When folk ‘get together’ to watch the same video/film online, in real-time. Nope, we’d never heard of one until now, either…

Calling all outsiders, cyclists, bikepackers, tourers and armchair adventurers. Fill up your favourite enamel mug and head to the Scottish Highlands for 17-minutes of escapism - following a group of cyclists as they head off on an opportunistic wintry journey to ride the old-established network of gravel drove roads, only to find themselves bogged-down exploring the alluring voids in between. Expect sleeper trains, rain, snow, magical munro-mountains, gravel, cullen skinks, cranachans, bogs, bridges, and la-di-dah land-owners...Comments (and heckles) welcomed.

The film will be released on the 25th of March at 19:30. Grab yourself a drink and snack (preferably from Tunnocks) and watch the film here:


PANNIER are a bikepacking tour/expedition operator and content/marketing production company based in-and-around the Peak District National Park, UK. Contact - [email protected] [www.pannier.cc / @panniercc]

BROTHER CYCLES are a UK-based bicycle brand producing a range of steel gravel, adventure and urban bikes and framesets. Contact - [email protected] [www.brothercycles.com / @brothercycles]

FRANCWORKS is the creative motion studio of Luke Francis; capturing adventures in film and putting design in motion for independent brands, charities and international organisations. Contact – [email protected] [ www.francworks.com / @francworks ]

What have Beryl been up to?

We started selling the Beryl Laserlight several years ago. Beryl been busy since then, diversifying into bike design and share schemes, so we thought we’d have a look at some of the projects that Beryl have undertaken whilst pursuing their mission of getting more people onto bikes.

Name Change

As Beryl spread across the Atlantic they ran into a trademark dispute with with their original name, Blaze. A US based company were already selling lights as Blaze, so there was no way to progress is the US without a new name. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but the opportunity to change their name meant Beryl could embrace the fact that they have evolved into much more than just a bike light company and look to the future of what they wanted to be.

The name Beryl comes from two places - the mineral which (can) share the distinctive green colour of projected Laserlight and the after Beryl Burton. Beryl Burton dominated the womens cycling scene in the UK for many years, winning medals on the track, setting time trail records across all distances and two first place finishes in the world road race championships. As the team at Beryl started designing bikes and bike share products, the team’s skill set started to diversify - similar to how Burton was skilled across multiple disciplines.

Beryl Logo

Beryl's current logo in the brilliant green not too dissimilar to the gemstone that they share their name with


Becoming a certified B Corporation is a serious undertaking for any business. The assessment process shows businesses about the wider impacts that they have and in order to gain the certification you have to show that any decisions made take into account the effect on company staff, the environment and the wider community. Importantly, a business becomes legally responsible to balance people and profit. Full details can be found here, on the B Corp website.

There was already a desire within Beryl to commit more to their environmental and community targets and getting the B Corp certification was a logical step.The assessment process gives you a score out of 200, with 80 being the pass mark. From the first assessment (which wasn’t quite successful!) to the assessment that passed took 18 months of work. Beryl have a great article detailing the process they went through, showing the amount of work that goes into getting the certification.

Beryl Laserlights

Becoming a B-Corp requires a lot work from all aspects of a business - it's a real team effor to get there.


Beryl Bikes

Beryl has worked with several high profile bike share schemes over the past five years - including London, New York, Montreal and Glasgow. They helped out in varying capacities, such as installing the Laserlight into share scheme bikes and co-designing the Santander Cycle for London.

With this prior experience and the desire to get more people cycling round cities, Beryl have been quietly working away at their own bike share scheme over the past few years. In that time we’ve seen several projects come and go from the UK, with a variety of reasons for them closing down. It is important to work with all people involved from the cyclists themselves to the city councils who provide the space to park them. Beryl’s process has involved these people as early as possible, to make their scheme as practical and user friendly as possible.

The bikes themselves have been designed a little differently from other hire bikes. For example, Beryl Bikes are constantly online, meaning they don’t rely on QR codes or your phones bluetooth to locate them. These electronics all need powering and with some clever work around hub dynamos and batteries, the bikes power themselves. Beryl have got through all the details of the bike to make sure it is up to task of carrying people around their luggage around the city on a daily basis.

Right now, you can ride Beryl Bikes in Bournemouth, Poole, the City of London and Hereford. Full details of the scheme can be found on their wesbite.

The Beryl Bike
Bery Bike rider one
Beryl Bike rider two

The Beryl Bike

New Lights

In the latter part of 2018, Beryl released some new lights. These lights are the Laserlight Core, the Burner Brake and the Pixel. Rather than obsessing over lumen counts and aerodynamics, Beryl focussed on making lights that are keep you as visible as possible.

Laserlight Core

The Laserlight core uses a combination of a 400 lumen LED and Beryl’s laser projection to keep you visible on the road. The housing is made out of a smart grey polymer, the mount is tool-free and you can charge the battery using a standard micro-USB cable.

Beryl Laserlight Core Lifestyle
Beryl Laserlight Core Studio

The Laserlight Core projects an image of a bike on the ground in front of you

Burner Brake

The Beryl Burner Brake light is a rear light with an accelerometer and a clever algorithm inside. This algorithm works out when you are slowing down, which makes the rear light go to full brightness, warning other road users that you are slowing down.

Beryl Burner Brake Light
Beryl Burner Brake Light Lifestyle

The Burner Brake gets brighter when you slow down


The Pixel is a light that can be used as both a white front and red rear light. The clever mount means you can clip it on to almost anything, weather that is your helmet, bag, clothes or bike.

Beryl Pixel Light White and Red
Beryl Pixel Red on trousersBeryl Pixel White on helmet

The Beryl Pixel is one versatile little light

Beryl certainly have been busy. They’ve achieved a lot in the years they’ve been operating and we look forward to see where they go next.

Beryl Lights Shop Now


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A closer look at the Restrap Tool Roll

One of the newest products Restrap has added to it’s product line is the Tool Roll. Tool rolls in themselves are nothing new but Restrap have come at it with their tea-powered creativity and designed a roll that’s quite unique. We pulled one out to get a closer look and to find out exactly what can be fitted inside.

Restrap Tool Roll and it's contents

The tool roll and what we fitted inside - (hopefully) a selection of spares you'd actually carry day-to-day.


The Tool Roll is made out of Hypalon, which is a particularly resilient plastic polymer. Restrap have taken a single piece of the fabric, folded it in two, sewn it together then made strategic cuts on the roll’s internal side. There is a centrally placed elastic band which will hold a 29er mountain bike tube. The cuts allow you to keep your spares inside the folded material which some protection for them and lets you organise them at the same time.

We filled the roll with one Pedros tyre lever, a 16g CO2 cartridge, a gear cable, a chunky Schwalbe 700 x 42c tube, a Crankbrothers F15, quicklinks, brake pads, patch kit, tyre boots and a CO2 inflator. The lever and CO2 cartridge on the right, gear cable and tube in the centre and the rest on the right hand side. The roll was then folded up right side first then the left side with the CO2 cartridge and lever stacked on top of each other on the far left hand side.

Restrap Tool Roll packed and falt

Everything fits inside the Hypalon fabric so your spares aren't going to fall out anytime soon


Once packed, the Restrap Tool Roll is held together with another hefty elastic band and to mount it to your saddle there is a strap with a magnetic Fidlock buckle on there. As with all tool rolls, it took a couple of attempts to get the packing right to allow it fold neatly together but it wasn’t too troublesome to fold together. The Hypalon fabric is relatively thin so it lends itself well to being folded and the securing elastic band makes the whole process straight forward.

Restrap says that the tool roll is designed to sit underneath your saddle, in a jersey pocket or inside a bag. Once it is packed with a big inner tube (700 x 42c or a 29er MTB) the tool roll is pretty bulky, so whilst it will fit in a jersey pocket, it is more comfortable to keep it behind your saddle.

Restrap Tool Roll Rolled Up

It takes a couple of packing attempts to get the Tool Roll to fold up neatly


Once adjusted to the right the length, the strap and Fidlock buckle work a treat for getting the tool roll on and off. The strap holds its tension and doesn’t need to be adjusted to remove or re-fit the roll.

Restrap Tool Roll Mounted Side
Restrap Tool Roll Mounted Back

Considering the contents, the tool roll sits sleekly against your saddle


Restrap’s Tool Roll provides plenty of storage space and it keeps your spares particularly well organised, all whilst keeping itself quite understated and not too bulky. There is a plethora of under-saddle storage out there - we think Restrap have made a seriously good looking and practical option here.

The product page for the Tool Roll is here and you can see our full Restrap range here
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Brompton World Championships 2019

The Prudential Ride London is the biggest cycling festival in the UK and is home to the Brompton World Championships. It’s Classique/Classic women’s and men’s events boast the highest cash prize pool for any one day cycling events, with the total prize money being equal between the genders too. There are other events open to us more casual cyclists, with a chance to ride on closed roads for 100 and 46 miles.

The big event showcasing the British tendency for the wacky is the one we've already mention - the Brompton World Championships. There are three key rules for racing (once you have a ticket): you need a Brompton (obviously), a helmet and to adhere to the strict dress code: “[riders must wear] a costume that consists of a sleeved suit jacket, collared shirt and neck tie”.

Racing takes place on a closed course on the Mall, outside Buckingham Palace. The race has a Le Mans style start except instead of starting your engine, you need to unfold your bike. There’s a total of eight laps to complete and it all ends in a sprint finish.

We got into the Hospitality Area where riders can relax and get themselves ready for the race. Between pinning numbers onto jackets, eating a pre race pizza and gazing at some beautiful Bromptons, we grabbed some photos of all that was going down.


Classic Attire
Custom, Colourful Attire
Blingy Attire

A full range of attire was on display, from classic to colourful and the blinged out

Lines of Bromptons

Bromptons everywhere you looked, sitting as neatly as they do


Brompton World Champtionships Track Stand Competition Competitor Announcer
Brompton World Champtionships Track Stand Competition Competitor 1


Brompton World Champtionships Track Stand Competition Competitor 2
Brompton World Champtionships Track Stand Competition times board

Brompton World Championship... Track stand competition? The standard was varied with some being told to stop (after 230 seconds) and others just there to enjoy the challenge

Brompton World Championship Warm Up

It is a race after all, for some this meant going in cold wasn't an option

Brompton World Championships Pair
Bike 1 Part 1
Bike 1 Part 1

Fluo colours and deep section wheels

Brompton World Championships bike and rider 8
Brompton World Championships bike and rider 9

One of these was custom painted from the Brompton Factory and the other was rented just for the event

Brompton World Championships bike and rider 2
Big chainring for the big raceWell loved Brompton Game Bag

A monster chainring and a Brompton Game bag - inside it is the race outfit

Brompton World Championship bike and rider 4
Brompton World Championship bike and rider 5

Go-faster lightning stripes and short-sleeve pink jacket

Brompton World Championship bike and rider 10
Brompton World Championship bike and rider 7

The Brompton Bumble B and Mr Millar (we especially like your shoes) - two people who know a thing or two about Brompton

Brompton World Championship bike and rider 3
Copper plated frameTitanium chain tensioner

This was one seriously special bike. The frame was copper plated and every last part had been changed and colour matched, even down to the chainring bolts.

Were proud to work with Brompton, with events like their World Championship showing the depth and variety of people who enjoy riding thier folding bicycles. Whilst we don't have any clothing quite as stunning as those on display here, we do have an range of Brompton bags available.




[product ids="37129,37127,37119,37117,37103,37105,36928,37131,37146"]

Chrome Cycling Trousers and Shorts

Casual cycling leg wear is a difficult piece of clothing to find, even at the best of times. Standard denim or cotton trousers look the part off the bike, but tend to wear through all too quickly. Bib shorts and mountain bike baggies are great for on the bike, however you are risk of being commented on by other members of your team.

Step in Chrome Industries - indestructible urban cycling gear specialists. They’ve got a good number of years behind them making cycling clothing and bags, and their concise range of leg wear is concise pays close attention to the small details.

All the trousers and shorts share some common features. Chrome uses a base fabric they call ‘Everest’, which is water resistant, durable and has a 4-way stretch it. Whilst the specific make up does vary with the visual affect aimed for, the general properties remain the same. As all of the shorts and trousers are designed for use on the bike, Chrome have minimised seams and bulked up durability around the area where the shorts contact the saddle.

Women's Chrome Trousers and Shorts

To start, we’ll look at the women’s options. There are two items from Chrome here, the Anza Short and the Seneca Chino.

Anza Short

For the Anza Shorts, Chrome has given them a slim cut with a 6” inseam and plenty of pockets all around including a webbing d-lock holster and a hidden zip pocket. The Anzas are a good all purpose short - not too smart to cycle in nor too casual for work or meetings.

Everyday cycling shorts with a D-lock holster
6” inseam
Slim leg fit

Chrome Anza Women's Cycling Shorts
Chrome Anza Women's Cycling Shorts Detail

Chrome Anza cycling shorts in Black

Seneca Chino Womens

Styled up like a pair of standard chinos, the Seneca trousers are good all-round choice of full-length leg wear. The cut is slim-straight, the inseam is 32” and there are plenty of pockets to store your phone, wallet, keys and cash. With the smart chino styling, the Senecas are well suited to commuting into work without needing to change once you get there.

Chino trousers for cycle commuting
32” inseam
Slim leg fit

Chrome Seneca Women's Cycling Chinos
Chrome Seneca Women's Cycling Chinos Detail

Chrome Seneca womens cycling chinos in Black

Men's Cycling Trousers and Shorts

The mens range includes several options for trousers and shorts, with different fits and styling choices available.

Brannan Pant

Chrome’s Brannan Pant is their most popular trouser. It could be the stretchy, durable and water resistant fabric. It could be the practical pockets. It could be the fact that they are downright good looking. It’s probably a combination of the lot. The Brannan Pants have a workwear inspired fit (that means relaxed), a 34” inseam and a zip-up, passport sized front pocket.

Ideal for all day riding where you don’t need any
34” inseam
workwear inspired fit (relaxed, but not that relaxed)

Chrome Brannan Men's Cycling Trousers
Chrome Brannan Men's Cycling Trousers Detail

Chrome Brannan mens cycling trousers in Black

Folsom 2.0

The Folsom Short uses workwear for its inspiration. The leg fit is slim and the styling is less formal than that of the Seneca. You get two front and two back pockets and up near the belt loop is a webbing strap to hold your D-lock. To finish it off, the inseam length is a good, middle of the road 11” and you get reinforced triple-needle flat felled seams all round.

Comfortable and smart enough for daily work, with a D-lock holster
11” inseam
Slim leg fit

Chrome Folsom 2.0 Men's Cycling Shorts Detail
Chrome Folsom 2.0 Men's Cycling Shorts

Chrome Folsom 2.0 mens cycling shorts in Black

Union 2.0

To finish off the list is the Union 2.0 short. These shorts are the most relaxed of the lot with a 14” inseam and a baggy fit (think MTB baggies and cargo shorts). You get a full raft of pockets including a coin pocket at the front and a zip pocket at the rear and several reflective accents to keep you visible.

Good all round shorts with a more laid back styling
14” inseam
Relaxed leg fit

Chrome Union 2.0 Men's Cycling Shorts
Chrome Union 2.0 Men's Cycling Shorts Detail

Chrome Union mens cycling shorts in Black

Despite having quite a tight knit range of legwear, Chrome have all the bases covered when it comes to urban cycling leg wear.

Click ‘n’ Go Luggage: Brompton Bags

We are pleased to announce that we will now be stocking Brompton Bags. We’ve long championed the wondrous piece of engineering that is the Brompton folding bicycle and are excited to start selling their luggage.

London based Brompton understood a good while ago that their customers needed a way of transporting luggage whilst riding. Backpacks and messenger bikes do work in some circumstances, but getting the bag off your back and onto your bike is the goal they aimed for and their mounting solution is as elegant as it is simple.

Brompton Shoulder Bag mounted on a Brompton

Brompton bags fully integrate with your bike, making carrying kit with you a breeze.

Click in and Go

Rigidity is an important consideration when strapping any bags to your bike (see oversized bikepacking saddle bags for waggly examples). Brompton knew that their bags needed to mount to the bike without hindering performance, be easy to use and be durable enough for daily use.

With some hard work and brilliant thinking, Brompton came up with a system that combines a Front Carrier Block, Carrier Frame and a bag. The Frame sits inside your bag, giving it support and rigidity. The Carrier Block mounts to your head tube and lets you slide the bag with frame on and off with ease.

Which Carrier Frame you need and whether or not you need a Carrier Block does vary from bag to bag. Almost all the bags we sell come with the Frame, but most do not come with the carrier block. You only need one block per bike, but you might a different frame for each bag. All product pages should de-mystify this and if they don’t, just get in touch.

The only other consideration worth mentioning is that not all bags are compatible with the S-Type bars. For all you speed demons out there, it is best to double check before you purchase.

Brompton Carrier Frame and Front Carrier Block

On the left is the Carrier Frame, which sits inside your bag, and on the right is the Carrier Block, which fits to your frame.

Bags of Range

Brompton bags come in all manner of shapes and sizes. They have roughly split them into four ranges: Modern, Classic, Premium and Water-Resistant. There is always some cross over of course.

The Classic Range consists of the bags that Brompton originally designed. There are many Brompton owners who have had their bags for many years - these designs just work. The bags include the S Bag, T Bag, C Bag and Folding Basket.

With an up-to-date sillouette, the Modern Range keeps on trend with two bags: the Roll-Top and the Shoulder bag. They are just as functional and practical as their Classic relatives, with a fresh look to help keep you on trend on your city centre commute.

Brompton Roll Top Bag
Brompton Shoulder Bag Grey

On the left is the Roll Top Bag and on the right is the Shoulder Bag in Grey.

Who better to involve on weatherproofing bags than Ortlieb. They have decades of experience in making the very best in waterproof cycle luggage so they are a perfect fit for making bags for the UK rain. The range includes the O bag and Mini O Bag.

The Premium range consists includes bags made specially for Brompton by specialist manufacturers. Champman make the Game Bag which comes in a selection fo finishes, including Genuine Harris Tweed.

Brompton Game Bag Storm Grey Tweed
Brompton Game Bag Close Up

The Brompton Game Bag in Storm Grey Tweed.

With such a range of bags on offer, there should be something to suit everyones needs.


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DZR Restock: Marco and Ovis

We’ve just had a restock of DZR shoes here at Always Riding HQ, including the H2O and Minna as well as the Ovis and Marco which we haven’t seen in a while. We’ve sold DZR's Minna and H2O for ages, so here is a quick refresher on the Ovis and the Marco.

DZR Ovis

The DZR Ovis is a mid-top shoe, so you get a bit more cover for your ankles. The sheepskin leather is a gorgeous shade of deep brown, or ‘coffee’. These are exactly as comfortable as they look and you’ll almost forget that you’re wearing them as you get off your bike go into the cafe, office or bar.


DZR Marco

With it’s rugged good looks, you’d be forgiven for thinking the DZR Marco is another boot from the urban cycling shoe experts, but there is more than meets the eye. DZR designed the Marco to be the ultimate bicycle polo shoe.

Inside the sole is a super stiff nylon shank for efficient pedal power transfer and there is substantial ankle protection and padding to keep you comfortable on the court. The natural rubber sole gives you plenty of grip if you’re off the bike and keeps everything a bit more casual.

Generally speaking, we recommend taking your usual size in DZR shoes. If you have any questions at all about sizing or anything else, just hit us up here.



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The Chrome Modal Collection – Refined Class

Chrome’s bags are known the world over for being the rugged workhorses of bike messengers and people on the move in urban environments. The Chrome Modal collection builds on the these durable, practical roots and adds in a level of refinement and class.

The obvious feature of the Modal bags is the outer fabric which is now a gorgeous twill melange polyester fabric. Have no fear though - this is still a tough and hardwearing material. Metal hardware is found on the bags straps and waterproof zips are found in all the places you'd expect them.

There are five bags in the range of the Modal collection.

Summoner Backpack

Chrome Summoner Backpack Side View
Chrome Summoner Backpack ExpandedChrome Summoner Backpack Compressed

The Summoner Backpack is one for those who are regularly travelling with short stops away from home. It has a large 32L capacity unzips and folds in half to reveal its entire contents, to make packing and unpacking a breeze. Once you have unpacked and re-packed for the day, you can cinch it down with the compression straps to keep your bag a reasonable size.

Terrace Brief Sling

Chrome Terrace Sling Bag

Sometimes you only need to carry to (working) essentials with you - laptop, notebook, paperwork, stationary and some snacks. The Terrace Brief Sling is a messenger bag designed for just that. There are some clever vertical compression straps which helps minimise the size and spread the weight evenly across your back.

Spectre Duffle Back

Chrome Spectra Duffle Bag

The Spectre Duffle bag comes with a cavernous 48 litre capacity and that lovely grey melange fabric on the top and a thick tarpaulin liner on the base, so you can set it down wherever you need it. There is a waterproof end pocket for damp gear and oodles of organisational internal pockets.

Pike Backpack

Chrome Industries Pike Backpack Side
Chrome Industries Pike Backpack Flat

The Pike Backpack is a 22 litre backpack. There is an opening down the front as well as at the top so you can access kit at the top and bottom of your bag with ease. There are clips on the bottom for strapping gear down that doesn’t quite make the internal cut and there is a dedicated laptop compartment that can fit a 15” device.

Vale Sling Bag

Chrome Vale Sling Bag

Deceptively big, the Vale sling is a messenger bag that can stay flat and fit a 13” laptop or expand out to carry a set of clothes, snacks and a D-lock. There is internal organisation on the main pocket so you won’t be rummaging around your bag looking for a stray pen or an off-duty apple.

Overall, the Chrome Modal collection is a gorgeous selection of bags with a stunning aesthetic and an incredible amount of practicality and versatility.




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Staff Picks From The Sale

We've picked out some of our favourite products from the sale, check them out below.


Danny - PDW Barkeep CO2 Inflator and Hestra Bike Long Sr Gloves

PDW Barkeep CO2 Inflator
Hestra Bike Long Sr Gloves

The Barkeep CO2 inflator is relied on when things go flat. Encasing the cartridge is a really nice touch and all the mechanisms are tactile enough to be used in cold, wet conditions.

The Bike Long Sr is the do-it-all glove. Work on commutes, mtb/gravel rides and doesn’t look out of place on a club run. Comfy, fairly warm and easily stashed in a pocket - it gets the nod more often than not.


Pascal - 7mesh Oro Jacket and Porcelain Rocket Partial Frame Pack

7mesh Oro Jacket
Porcelain Rocket Partial Frame Pack

This is possibly the holy grail of cycling jackets. Stealth black, waterproof and packs down smaller than a pair of Tunnocks Teacakes (and is considerably less messy).

Porcelain Rocket's Partial Frame bag keeps things simple. It is fitted using velcro with one large and one small pouch on alternating sides. Given it's shape, it is perfect for carrying an assemble-your-own chorizo baguette lunch.


Alex - Fahrer Brompton Bike Carry Handle and 7mesh Glidepath Shorts

Fahrer Brompton Bike Carry Handle
7mesh Glidepath Shorts

Ah, good old Mary Brompton-Poppins, practically perfect in every way. However, as every regular chimney-sweep knows, there are only so many times you can deal with the stair-climb-leg-bump to realise that the balance point could do with some tinkering. The Fahrer carry handle is the proverbial spoonful-of-sugar, shifting the weight back to the centre and making your commute as easy as a breezy umbrella flight. Chim-Chim-Cher-ee!

Do you need some coverings for the upper part of your legs that leave the lower part exposed? Sounds like you need some shorts. Do you like super-megabeast-bonanza-dealios? Then you need the 7Mesh Glidepath Shorts. Absolutely top quality shorts at a soon-to-be-sold-out bargain price. Perfect for winter… or maybe next spring…!


Anne - Fahrer Kurier Pannier and Cinelli Ana Benaroya Poseidon Cap

Fahrer Kurier Pannier
Cinelli Ana Benaroya Poseidon Cap

The Fahrer Kurier Pannier ticks lots of boxes for me with its simple to use, stylish design and sustainable production credentials. It is basically like a sexed-up Ortlieb pannier, taking the best features of the Ortlieb (waterproof construction, high quality mounting system) and rolling them into a more work-ready, style-oriented design. It is quite pricey but the investment will quickly pay itself back for the amount of use you will get out of it.

Cinelli make some awesome cycling caps, this one designed by awesome New Jersey artist Ana Benaroya is one of my favourites.


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Bags for Bromptons

With a ratio of nearly one folding bike for each team member across the AR staff, it's fair to say that we are big Brompton fans! And understanding the unique luggage needs that come with riding a Brompton, we stock a range of gorgeous and practical Brompton-compatible bags. Each option complements the Brompton’s key characteristics of convenience, flexibility and ease of fold - whether because it is easy to take on or off the bike or can be left on the bike when it folds.



Carradice Brompton Bag in black

The Brompton front carrier block luggage system really can’t be beaten for convenience. A bag on the front carrier block is an excellent option for taking things with you on the Brompton, and, although the weight is at the front, the steering of the bike isn’t adversely affected since the bag is attached to the frame rather than the handlebars. Many people actually find a bag on the front carrier block makes the steering of a Brompton more steady. Handily, we stock both the Carradice City Classics Stockport Folder bag (suitable for all handlebar types, including the more sporty ‘S’ type) and the Carradice Originals City Folder bag (suitable for all handlebar types except the ‘S’ type).

Both offer unique combination of features which offer something a little different in terms of style or functionality compared with other styles of front Brompton bags: both are made in Britain, include a padded laptop sleeve and are constructed from Carradice’s 100% waterproof Cotton Duck fabric. Classically styled, these bags just look like a (very nice) regular bag (not a ‘cycle-specific’ bag) and would not look out of place in the office, down the boozer or generally round about town. The Stockport is a nice slimline design, and off the bike it is easy to carry round and fit into any spare space in constrained places like peak hour train vestibules. Both are sized to accommodate a typical day’s worth of stuff.

Carradice now also an attractive Harris Tweed option for the ultimate in classic styling.



Fahrer Schlingel bag - ideal for Bromptons!
Fahrer Schlingel bag in blue

With most Brompton bikes naturally city-based, it's worth noting that away from the need to haul larger loads, accessorising your Brompton with a well-placed accessory bag for smaller items is certainly well-advised. These smaller bag options for Bromptons are perfect for carrying those bits and bobs you might want to have easily accessible whilst riding: a packable waterproof for unexpected showers, phone or wallet, ‘freshen-up kit’, lights, toolkit, or perhaps a little snack to be eagerly snaffled between stops. We like the Berlin-made Schlingel bag from Fahrer (shown above), which can be easily attached to the seatpost with its secure and simple wrap around design.



Carradice Carradry Saddle Bag - front
Carradice Carradry Saddle Bag - rear

For less city-based Brompton riding, there are some clever bag options which work well on Bromptons. The Carradice SQR (saddle quick release) system allows you to easily take a saddle bag on or off the bike (note that with the SQR system fitted, the Brompton seat post does not go fully into the frame). The Carradice CarraDry bag offers an ample 12-15 litre capacity, a super waterproof robust PVC construction, and, off the bike, a dedicated shoulder strap and carry handle.





Our Brompton bags range is now on sale as part of our end of retail sale. We also offer the Brompton carrier frame and carrier block so you can get your front carrier block mounted bag up and running right away if you don't already have these.


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Ten of our all-time favourite Always Riding products

What are the key characteristics of a great cycling product? Durability? Innovativeness? Plain old good looks? We think all of these attributes have a role to play when it comes to high quality, attractive cycling apparel and accessories.

Here are some products which have stood the test of time and are as popular now as when we first added them to the range. From Trophy Wild’s playful game animal-inspired indoor bike holders to less glamorous (but can’t-live-without) essentials like chamois cream, here are some of the products you can’t get enough of - now with some great reductions available as part of our end of retail sale.

Always Riding All-Time Favourites

Cinelli t-shirt
Fifo x Always Riding t-shirt
Muxu indigo slim fit jeans
Chrome Kursk Pro SPD cycling shoes
Pedal Ed Kubi Neck Warmer
Trophy Deer Indoor Bike Rack
Full Windsor tool selection
Sportique chamois creams
Carradice Stockport Brompton bag
PDW animal bottle cage selection

1. Cinelli Who Wants To Ride? T-Shirt

A long-standing favourite, this tee has an owl with winged Cinelli 'C's for eyes and old school drop bars for a perch - what's not to like?!

2. Fifo x Always Riding Illustrated T-Shirts

Our talented friend Fiona of Fifo Cycle came up with some awesome ride-inspired T-shirt designs. Great for off the bike time.

3. Muxu Cycling Jeans

For the ‘stealth cyclists’ among you, these highly functional cycling jeans have plenty of bike-specific features (like stretch denim, articulated knees and a seam-free crotch) for a great ride experience, without looking like the technical piece of apparel that they are.

4. Chrome Kursk Pro SPD City Cycling Shoes

Chrome’s original SPD-compatible city cycling shoes, we know riders who have been rocking these as their go-to shoes for years. Tough, reliable and ultra-practical thanks to their recessed cleat fixing, we can see why these have such an avid following.

5. Pedal Ed Kubi Neck Warmer

The humble neck warmer is one of those items which you think about least but utilise most, especially through the winter months. We like the Pedal Ed Kubi for its versatility, comfort and durability - not to mention the nice subdued colour options available.

6. Trophy Wild Indoor Bike Racks

A delight to behold and also a very practical and efficient method for storing your beloved steed inside and in style, this is one of those great products that addresses a genuine need whilst also having a bit of fun.

7. Full Windsor Multi-Tools

Full Windsor was one of the first brands to re-imagine the multitool. Back when the majority of multitools were still the classic fold-out design, their mega tyre lever-cum-spanner-cum-toolbit driver really stood out because of the different experience it offered. Lighter, easier to use and with more leverage than many alternative multitools on the market, the Nutter and Breaker are still two of our favourite portable bike tool options. A classic innovative, great-looking Always Riding product which has stood the test of time.

8. Sportique Century Riding Cream

Prevention is better than cure! This chamois cream does the job and it does it well, smelling good in the process too.

9. Carradice Brompton Bags

Brompton do a pretty damn good job with their bikes and accessories, so it is a real compliment for a product to be described as better than the Brompton version! This is what some customers have said about the Carradice Brompton-specific bags, and we can see why. Great-looking, functional, durable and not too pricey either.

10. Portland Design Works Bottle Cages

Why shouldn’t something so functional also be beautiful? Quirky and elegant with an excellently firm grip, these well-designed beauties have been (almost literally) flying off our shelves for years.


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